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Meet Dr. Laura Johnson

Jerome Chiropractor Dr. Laura Johnson

Dr. Laura Johnson

A Change in Attitude

When Dr. Laura was just 11 years old, her father went to a chiropractor and had good results. He told the doctor about his daughter: she was hyperactive and had a terrible attitude toward school. The chiropractor thought he could help her, and discovered upon examination that she had a slight scoliosis in her spine with some misaligned vertebrae. After only a few adjustments, her entire attitude was transformed!

“I’m sure my teachers greatly appreciated it, “chuckles Dr. Laura. “But it really opened my eyes to the healing powers of chiropractic.”

Fast Forward to the Start of a New Career

While growing up, Dr. Laura led a very active lifestyle and had her share of injuries from riding horses. While in college, she suffered a severe injury that didn’t allow her to sleep, sit or even stand. It was only chiropractic care that allowed her to become pain-free and fully healed…and that’s when she made the decision to dedicate her life to helping others regain their health through chiropractic.

Dr. Laura moved forward and toward a career in chiropractic and enrolled in chiropractic school at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

“Health is all about quality of life, and to me, chiropractic is the key,” states Dr. Laura.

Life Outside the Office

Jerome Chiropractor Dr. Laura Johnson and Family

Dr. Laura Johnson and Family

Dr. Laura is still riding her horses, and is very active in her church, including volunteer work. She and her husband used to be involved in canine search and rescue work as well, and have decided to start up again because they find it so rewarding. She is the mother of four children and additionally has four grandchildren.

Dr. Laura feels blessed to help patients regain their lives through chiropractic. You can be next!

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