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Johnson Chiropractic Clinic Reviews

Our practice members love it here at Johnson Chiropractic Clinic.
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Dear Dr. Johnson,

I have been a patient of Laura Johnson Chiropractic Clinic for 25 years. I lead a very physically-challenging life with property and home maintenance, gardening, and horse ownership. As a result, I have frequently experienced the pain of over-doing primarily with lower back injuries. I trust Dr. Johnson completely with my Chiropractic care. She has successfully treated me through many painful experiences with the highest of expertise and skill. Her manipulative techniques are gentle and very patient-friendly. My opinion of her care includes a solid doctor and patient relationship; good communication and advice; ample attention and genuine concern for her patient’s needs; and comfortable, manipulative techniques. I have always received positive results and healing from Dr. Johnson’s Chiropractic adjustments. If there was a one-to-ten star rating, she would unquestionably receive a ten star rating from me every time. I have a number of friends and neighbors who agree with me. Her office is easily accessible and her staff is pleasant and caring. It is with many years of experiencing pain relief from her care that I am more than pleased and confident to recommend Dr. Laura Johnson to anyone seeking quality Chiropractic care.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Susan  W.
Hagerman, ID 83332